New online register to expose dodgy builders in the ACT

The ABC has reported that legislation has been passed in Canberra to create a public register of builders’ licence information, meaning Canberra residents will now be able to research and choose builders based on their compliance history in the ACT.

To be updated weekly on the construction registrar’s website, the register will detail suspensions, licence cancellations and other disciplinary actions made against a builder, making it easier for consumers to confidently research and identify a suitable builder for their projects.

Environment and Sustainable Development Minister, Simon Corbell, said the new register will offer people a peace of mind by providing up-to-date information about a builder, replacing a historically lengthy process to discover information in the past.

“Rather than having to wait months and months and months for (compliance) information to come out say through a Civil and Administrative Tribunal hearing, instead it is available in real time on the website,” he said.

“Consumers can make better informed decisions and avoid dodgy tradespeople.”

Corbell said the new register will also be beneficial to trustworthy builders, who will now be able to prove and maintain their reputation.

“It means that their clean history will be available on the register and consumers will obviously look to builders who perform well and don’t have any problems with compliance or occupational discipline,” Corbell said.

“It will help weed out the bad builders who don’t perform to standard and who have action taken against them, because for the first time consumers will be able to see this information.”

The first listings are expected to be published online around mid-year.

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